Brookpace Fine Art is proud to be the first company to have redeveloped and reintroduced Oleography in the early 1990's, and remain the worlds largest and leading manufacturer. The aim was to create a unique and high quality picture that captures all the colour, craquelure, texture and character of an original painting.

With the use of both up-to-date technology and skilled craftsmen, this has been achieved. Each Oleograph is a master-piece in its own right and carefully hand-finished to recreate that timeless look and appeal of an original.

Our extensive range of images have been carefully selected to suit all tastes and settings and nearly all of the designs are exclusive under copyright to Brookpace Fine Art.  As with originals, artists used both canvas stretched over a wooden frame or wooden panels on which to paint. Brookpace Fine Art also supply each Oleograph on either a stretched canvas or wooden panel. The choice is yours!

Manhattan Collection

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